The 10 Best Places for Scuba Diving In Puglia

With its wonderful colors, the Apulian coasts offer a multitude of suggestive Scuba Diving spots, so you can literally discover this place just booking your dives all around.

Coming to Puglia? Here are our top 10 spots for Scuba Diving.

800 km of stunning pure waters lap the Apulian beaches located between two seas, Ionian and Adriatic. Wildlife and vegetation fill explorations and tours with all sorts of emotions discovering caves, crannies, and wreck dives. Let’s take a tour all around the boot’s heel!

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1. Isole Tremiti

Starting from North-West, in the Tremiti islands you’ll find very clean water and a very interesting seabed with walls and small caves. This is for sure, one of the best places for diving in Puglia!

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2. Cala Incina

Let’s take a moment for this one. This is our favorite place, our everyday gym, our home. One of the most popular dive sites is the Cala Incina Tower. A marble statue of the Madonna has been situated in a cave 14 meters below the surface of the sea, which has made this site very popular among divers. The statue was placed in the 1980s by the initiative of a group of divers from Bari. Our Lady is in a standing position, with arms outstretched in a welcoming gesture and looking downward. The more experienced divers can go further down, reaching another cave that is open at two points; it offers a spectacular play of lights. The wire-guided trail ends at a depth of 18 meters. The flora and fauna vary in different periods of the year. From November to April you can observe anglerfish, bright nudibranchs, and beautiful flabellina. The bay of Cala Incina is a true natural pool in the open waters that lends itself as the ideal spot for the many diving schools in the area, just like ours.

3. Portalga

Portalga in this little inlet there is a wonderful submerged world with Axinellae, Gorgonacea and Hippocampus at a depth of 20 meters.

4. Scoglio dell’Eremita

Isolotto S. Paolo (S. Paolo oxbow) better known as “Scoglio dell’Eremita” (“Hermit’s Rock”), at the top of which there are the ruins of a chapel dedicated to S. Antonio Abbate (1612) and used as a lazaret during 1837. The four sides of the oxbow give the possibility of various divings up to the depth of 25 meters.

5. Gulten Islamoglu Wreck

In the area of the coast of Brindisi, you’ll find several cargo ship wrecks. Those ones can be visited even by the less experienced divers. Specifically in Torre Canne lies the Gulten Islamoglu, a ship that sunk in 1994. What makes it so special is that the hull of the ship is still intact.

6. Porto Badisco

Proceeding south, you’ll reach the Salento area. It seems that the bathing site south of Otranto has been the first point of arrival for Enea on the run from Troy. Unmissable beauties in Porto Badisco’s sea beds.

7. Santa Maria di Leuca

All the diving lovers can’t absolutely miss Punta Meliso, the place where the Adriatic and Ionian sea meet each other.

8. Nardò

At about 300 mt from the coastline and at a depth of 23 mt, there is Santa Caterina ship. Inside of it, you will find some Greco-roman amphorae.

9. Porto Cesareo

In the Ioanian side, you’ll have the chance to meet eater turtles Caretta Caretta. The nature of the Salento coast will make even more captivating the sea caves you’ll find in this area.

10. San Pietro in Bevagna

Emerald waters, with a seabed rich in flora and fauna, make San Pietro in Bevagna the ideal place for diving.

Discover Puglia through Scuba Diving

With its wonderful colors, the Apulian coasts offer a multitude of suggestive Scuba Diving spots, so you can literally discover this place just booking your dives all around. You can easily find the best diving center and plan your next unforgettable experience!

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