10 Tips To Stay Active On Vacation

Staying healthy doesn’t need to be that difficult. Planning beforehand can solve lots of problems.

Planning your next vacation? Don’t forget about staying active!

This is a cause for concern for more and more travelers every day. Research shows that most people gain weight over the holidays. Vacations aren’t far behind with that throw-dietary-caution-to-the-wind-and-indulge mentality. It can be tough to stay healthy when traveling. Whether you’re taking a two-week Bali vacation or a multi-city European tour, traveling often means indulgences including decadent desserts and perhaps strong cocktails while avoiding your normal daily routine like going to the gym.

The good news is that staying healthy doesn’t need to be that difficult and in fact, planning beforehand can solve lots of problems. Other practices can also ensure one’s well-being while on vacation. Swimming, packing snacks and meditating can all play a role in facilitating one’s fitness goals during a trip.

Plus, you don’t need to take precious time off your vacation to work out. You can easily do activities that make you discover your next holiday destination while exercising. So, without any further ado here are 15 tips to stay healthy while on vacation. Let’s begin!

10 Tips To Stay Healthy & Fit On Vacation

1. Get Out and Explore

Rule number 1: Have some fun! Don’t obsess over finding a place to work out: take advantage of the opportunity of being in a different location and see what that area has to offer. State and national parks are a great place to look for fun, exciting adventures that get you moving.

2. Find Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Pack fruit in your carry-on bag for snacking. You can stay just as healthy while traveling by shopping at a local market and purchasing fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. It’s always nice to eat at a restaurant, but sometimes you don’t want to stop for a long time, or you just want to eat light avoiding overcooked food.

3. Use Your Hotel Room to Workout

Bring a miniband, your jumping rope, a portable TRX, anything that can make you workout more willingly, and even if you don’t have access to a gym, do some exercises in your hotel room. All you need is 5-10 minutes a day. Moreover, there are tons of simple, effective, gym-free, no equipment, full-body workouts on the web you can always and easily do.

4. Mix Workouts and Sightseeing

One of our favorite ways to stay healthy when traveling is to mix our workouts with sightseeing! Most major cities and towns offer active tours—everything from running to walking to biking to hiking. They can be a fun way to get out, get active and see new places and learn fun facts about where you are, directly from locals!

5. De-Stress with Yoga

When looking to stay healthy on the road, it’s important to think about emotional health, too. The reality is, even in paradise, things can happen that can ruin your blissful mood. If you’re feeling anxious on a trip, practice chair pose for five deep breaths and focus on the mantra, “I am bringing the joy”. When to use it: Always. Consider that every breath is an opportunity and privilege to bring a little more joy into your heart and into the world, so why not bring it?

6. Wear Compression Socks

Compression socks help with blood circulation and prevent blood clots, especially on flights longer than four hours, and of course for long walks. Just remember that graduated compression is meant to be worn when you’re awake and moving around. It’s providing a constant amount of pressure to your circulatory system to fight gravity and pump that blood back to your heart.

7. Get Enough Sleep

It is understandable and admirable that a traveler wants to do as many things as possible while on vacation. Running on adrenaline this won’t feel too bad at the moment, however, don’t be fooled, it will all catch up leading to a breakdown once you’re home. Don’t put at risk your physical and mental well-being. Increased sleep can instantly boost morale while providing more energy instantly. Mixing this in with stretching and meditation can result in one of the most positive vacation experiences ever.

8. Swim

Who needs the gym when a traveler has a swimming pool, or, better, the sea, at their disposal? A free swim in general requires lots of muscles to be put to work. This causes a calorie breakdown. This ritual can also shock the system providing a new cardio formula as opposed to a jog, treadmill, or whatever else a fitness enthusiast usually utilizes for cardio.

9. Don’t Over or Under Eat

This tends to be a reoccurring problem for lots of travelers. Getting so consumed by a resort or a new city (and new food options) a traveler can totally forget about eating. Under-eating is very easy and it just leads to greater calorie consumption later on in the day. On the other hand, supper is the meal that travelers typically over-commit to. Eating more cals that one is accustomed to in one meal can lead to digestion problems along with that bloated feeling nobody wants. Instead, a traveler might find it easier to consume smaller meals throughout the day.

10. Book Healthy Activities

This is the reality of a trip: the more active a traveler is the more cals he/she might require. However the fewer calories one consumes throughout the day the smaller the window for consumption is. In order to ensure the proper activity levels, be sure to book various activities before the trip even takes place. A traveler can easily find cool activities on Tripadvisor or Airbnb.

5 Extra Tips To Stay Healthy (& Fit) On Vacation in 2021

Now that e have seen all the activeness you can boost on your vacation, we just want to suggest you 5 more extra tips for this crazy time we are living in.

1. Wash your hands

Washing your hands is essential to stop the spread of infection and can dramatically reduce your chances of getting ill. Having a hand sanitizer is a great way to prevent getting sick when soap and water is not readily available.

2. Don’t drink too much caffeine

Avoiding too much caffeine will keep you hydrated. An increase in your daily caffeine intake disrupts your sleep. Keep your caffeine consumption within range of your normal levels to avoid problems. Remember to drink water!

3. Boost your immunity

Taking vitamin C tablets is thought to increase your body’s resistance to fight off airborne germs. If you are used to protein bars, don’t forget to put them in your suitcase. They can easily help you to keep your vitamin and potein level stable, avoiding common travel bugs.

4. Get vaccinated

Seek advice from your physician before you travel. Not all vaccinations are required for every individual for every trip, but if they are, you don’t want to wait till the last minute. A lot depends on what country or region you are visiting, and individual factors, such as your personal medical history, your duration of travel and specific activities.

5. Minimize technology

A major point of a vacation is vacating routine life, yet many of us gravitate to familiar territory including laptops, phones, and tablets. Creating a technology-free vacation isn’t always possible, but find ways to minimize it. Pick out a real book at your library, check your email only once a day (and turn your “away” notifications on), breathe deeply, and realize all those demands will be waiting for you when you return. Stay in the moment and enjoy your vacation.

Build fitness into your vacations.

A few dedicated individuals seek out gyms wherever they travel. Most people don’t. Fortunately, you can create your own gym on the go. Warmer-weather travel especially makes fitness simple. Whenever possible, skip public transportation or cabs for biking or walking, which make great ways to explore new cities. Center your days on fitness-focused activities like hiking or swimming. If you’d rather work it and get on with your day, hotel stairs make a great way to get breathless and fit in very little time. Whatever you do, make it fun.

Here’s a slogan to remember during the next trip, “stay healthy, stay active.” It can also work in reverse, “stay active, stay healthy.” Pretty neat, huh?

Staying active is one of the biggest keys to maintaining a healthy base during a trip away from the gym.

Enjoy your vacation!

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