Open Water Scuba Diver

The Open Water Scuba Diver course is the first real training program in which you will be able to reach the goal of being an autonomous diver and access the fabulous underwater world.

The Oliflow Open Water Scuba Diver course will introduce you to excellent diving and gradually, during the training, will train you on a theoretical and practical level.

This course will allow you to dive anywhere in the world, in total safety up to a depth of 20 meters, in a safety curve, with the use of the Mnemonic Deco System.

You will obtain the OWSD license which certifies your theoretical and practical knowledge at an international level that will allow you to use the diving material correctly.

Welcome to the underwater world! Here, nice encounters, unforgettable experiences, and countless satisfaction are just waiting for you.

“See you underwater!”



Durata delle lezioni di teoria: 14 ore

Moduli: 7

Esami scritti di teoria: 7, uno alla fine di ogni modulo. Percentuale massima di errori consentiti: 20%

Immersioni in acquee libere: 6. Tempo di permanenza massimo per ogni immersione: entro i Limiti di Non Decompressione.

Valutazione del profilo psico-attitudinale dello studente: vincolante per il rilascio del brevetto.

Standard per le immersioni in acquee libere: profondità massima: 20 metri.

Tempo massimo per il completamento del corso: 6 mesi dalla data della prima lezione di teoria. Trascorso tale termine il corso è da ripetersi interamente.

Noleggio attrezzatura: per tutta la durata del corso.

Entry Requirements

➞ Medical certificate of suitability for underwater activities issued by a sports or hyperbaric doctor.

➞ Minimum age: 14 years. If a minor, the student must submit written authorization from the parent and/or guardian with prior personal verification by the instructor of the authenticity of the declaration.

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