Divemaster & Scuba Guide

The Divemaster license – Training Level – certifies that you have the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to make you able to organize and carry out dives in any environment (sea or lake, excluding caves) and in any situation and in complete safety.

Being a Divemaster means being qualified to lead groups of divers of all recreational levels, ensuring maximum safety. From the moment of obtaining your certification, you will be able to give assistance and rescue to a diver in difficulty at any depth corresponding to his level of training.

With the Divemaster title, your professional diving career finally begins.

“See you underwater!”


You will have to demonstrate familiarity in swimming with fins and freediving, know the accidents that can happen to the diver in apnea, know all the baro-traumas, know the accidents caused by CO2, in particular the problems of breathlessness and its consequences, know about accidents related to the environment, cold, fauna and flora, know how to prevent these accidents and know first aid measures. At the end of the course, you will have to demonstrate that you are able to perform the required tests:

● Apnea
● Swimming with equipment
● Rescue


➞ Duration of theory lessons: 10 hours.

➞ Modules: 5. 

➞ Written theory exams: 6, one at the end of each module.

➞ Maximum percentage of errors allowed: 20%.

➞ Open water dives: minimum 6.

➞ Maximum residence time for each dive: within the No Decompression Limits.

➞ Evaluation of the psycho-aptitude profile of the student: binding for the issue of the patent.

➞ Standard for open water diving: maximum depth: 20 meters.

➞ Maximum time to complete the course: 6 months from the date of the first theory lesson. After this deadline, the course must be repeated entirely. 

➞ Equipment rental service on request.

Entry Requirements

➞ Minimum level of diving certification:
a) Advanced Scuba Diver and Nitrox Patent
b) Rescue Certificate and Deep Certificate or higher
or equivalent from a recognized Educational Agency

➞ Minimum number of logged dives: 100.

➞ Medical certificate of fitness for diving activities issued by sports or hyperbaric doctor.

➞ Minimum age: 18yo

➞ Hogarthian configuration

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