COVID-19 Safety Measures

Our Response to COVID-19

Oliflow has responded to the current COVID-19 pandemic by implementing Safe Workplace Practices that will help ensure that our activities be conducted as safely as possible for both our guests and our staff. We know these practices can be uncomfortable and cumbersome but we have implemented them with our best intention to keep everyone safe, keep our business open and be able to continue to provide the great customer service that we are known for.

The safety of our community is a top priority. That’s why all staff and guests should practice the following processes, as defined below.


  • Clean:  Clean and disinfect any shared surfaces or equipment and wash hands frequently.
  • Distancing:  Practice current social distancing recommendations (min of 6ft/1mt).
  • Cover: It is required to  Cover your mouth and nose with a face covering at all times. Expect when in when in the water.  The use of gloves or eyewear/eye protection is at the discretion of the individual.
  • The only mask allowed are KN95, surgical masks, and cloth masks with filters. No other mas other than that will be allowed. Mask must stay on at all times except when eating or in water. 

Distribution, Cleaning, and Disinfection of Shared Surfaces, Equipment, and SCUBA Gear

  • Oliflow has a dedicated person who has been trained to follow the Guidelines for Cleaning and Disinfecting Boats and Boat Specific Equipment.
  • Shared surfaces, equipment, and Scuba gear (masks/snorkels/wetsuits/BCDs/Regs) will be cleaned, disinfected using a disinfecting product on the EPA’s “N-List and dried before reuse.
  • If you brought your own gear, there will be a designated area for you to clean the gear that is separated from our rinsing stations. 

Limiting the Capacity of Boats

Oliflow has 3 Dive/Snorkel boats, each with 2 decks, dual sea ladders, and a big comfortable swim platform.

  • Our boats are certified to carry 10 divers or 20 snorkelers.  To ensure maximum space and safe distancing for our guests Oliflow has limited the number of guests permitted onboard our boats to a maximum of 3 to 5 divers or 12 to 15 Snorkelers depending on the group size.
  • To ensure the safety of our staff, the helm area is off-limits to all guests.
  • Each of our boats will have a Hand Sanitizer station located on the dock at the boat entrance. All guests MUST use Hand Sanitizer prior to boarding the boat.
  • As well, onboard our boats there are Hand Sanitizer stations available for use anytime.

Reservation Process

  • When reserving please either email us at  or send us a text message at +393335770445. Once we have gotten back to you with a confirmation please do the following
  • If you are a certified diver please send via email or text a picture photo of your certification card and, to smooth your check-in, also include your shoe size, your buoyancy compensator size, and your wetsuit size. (No worries if you are not sure of these – our staff can certainly fit you out when you arrive.)
  • A completed waiver is required for each guest.

Check In

  • Oliflow has instituted mandatory temperature checks for all guests.  Before checking-in, guest’s temperatures will be scanned using our no-contact temperature devices. Guests with a temperature of 100.3 degrees (37.9 celsius) or over will be restricted from participating in Oliflow excursions.
  • During this trying time of COVID-19, we remind our guests that we follow WHO Guidelines and ask that if you are unable to maintain minimum of six feet of separation that you please comply with the guidelines and wear a protective face covering or breathing masks.  Should you require, Oliflow will have breathing masks and face coverings available at check-in.
  • A Hand Sanitizer Station is located at the entrance to our entrance. Please note: A maximum of 3 persons at a time will be permitted in indoor spaces.

Food and Drink Service

  • All snacks and lunches will be prepacked (No buffet).

Staff Safety

  • Staff temperature is taken daily by Oliflow management. Staff members found to have elevated temperature (100.3 degrees or  greater will not be  permitted to participate,  Staff members showing any symptoms related to COVID19 will be sent home immediately and are required to get tested.
  • Oliflow Staff are required to wear face mask at all times, except while participating in activities in the water.
  • Staff is required to comply with WHO Guidelines, they will maintain social distancing and they will wash their hands frequently throughout the day.

Common Areas Cleaning 

  • Staff will disinfect all touchpoint surfaces each morning and each afternoon.
  • Bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected every 30 minutes by an assigned Staff member.

Scuba and snorkeling equipment disinfecting process

  • We disinfect all dive & snorkel gear daily. That includes BCD, regulator, mask, snorkel, snorkel vest, fins, wetsuit, weights and tanks.
  • We use disinfectants from the ones approved by the DAN for breathing equipment. List of disinfectants we use:
  • NoCovid Cressi
  • Hansaplast
  • Denatured ethyl alcohol
  • Amuchina
  • Sodium Hypoclorite

Other measurements:

  • We are offering great deals on private charters so you can share the boat with those know or those you love most. Just check availability by emailing us your request.

Credible sources to stay up to date on COVID-19:

• World Health Organization
• Ministero della Salute
• Immuni Coronavirus COVID-19 Tracker

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